ITZY’s Yeji Has The Wisest Response To A Question About What To Do When Faced With An Unwanted Schedule

She’s wise beyond her years!

ITZY‘s Yeji got real about her experiences in the industry. In a recent live broadcast, a fan asked her, “When you don’t want to do what you have to do, how do you overcome it?”

ITZY’s Yeji

She responded openly that she first tries to avoid the situation altogether. She didn’t go into detail about what these situations were exactly, but it may have been related to her jampacked schedules.

If I can choose not to, I will not do it, of course. But I guess your question is not about something optional.

— Yeji

In the off-chance that she really can’t avoid working, she makes sure that she first maintains a positive mindset, never losing her professionalism. Whether it’s training, filming without sleep, or otherwise, Yeji fulfils her duties as a K-Pop idol.

If it’s something we have to do no matter what…I mean, we all need to work, put effort into something.

— Yeji

Afterwards, the rest of the time in the day is strictly for her and what she wants to do.

I will try my best, but when I don’t want to do something, I try to find something else [to enjoy] after work. It’s like, ‘I have to do something this much. I’m going to have my own leisure time after that.’

— Yeji

Having time for one’s own chosen activities is important for their mental health. Yeji stated that she sets aside time for herself as a precious reward.

Then I do something I really want as a reward. I usually find something, something to do after the hard work. Something that can make me feel happier.

— Yeji

For Yeji, that means savoring the simple pleasures of life. From films to food, she finds happiness in the little things.

For example, [if I think] ‘I wanted to watch this movie for a while,’ then I watch it. I try to find something to motivate me. In fact, eating delicious food can be a good motivation to me. So I think about food I want to eat after work.

— Yeji

From this statement, it’s clear that Yeji is wise beyond her years!

Source: Naver Live