ITZY’s Yeji “Embarrassed” Herself In Front Of WJSN, But It Was All Worth It In The End

Here’s what happened 😂

ITZY‘s Yeji had a slightly embarrassing experience in front of WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) which she shared in a live broadcast.

Here, she recounted something that happened earlier that day in the backstage area of Show! Music Core. She was apparently distracted by a delicious smell in the middle of taking photos.

After the show, I was taking a picture because I had to take my picture at the red wall. I smelled something delicious. I was like, ‘This smells so nice.’

— Yeji

Yeji on July 16 |

It turned out to be the new corn and cream cheese flavored pretzel sticks from the brand Auntie Anne’s.

There was no one around me. On the carrier beside me, there was Auntie Anne’s bread. There were two so I was wondering if I was smelling that.

— Yeji

WJSN was also in Music Core to promote their song “Last Sequence.” Lead vocalist Dayoung overheard Yeji’s comment while she was inside the waiting room and didn’t hesitate to step out to hand the bread over to her.

I guess it was in front of WJSN’s waiting room. Dayoung came and told me to eat this. I was just telling my staff that something smells so nice and she came out and gave me one. I thanked her and ate it.

— Yeji

WJSN’s Dayoung on July 16 | Universe

Yeji was embarrassed that her comment reached the Starship Entertainment girl group but she still thanked them for being so gracious.

I felt so sorry. I didn’t mean for them to hear me. I didn’t mean that. Thank you.

— Yeji

Yuna, meanwhile, was shocked that the snack came from Dayoung and not Yeji. The latter replied that she also “didn’t know” who it belonged to at first.

Really? It was WJSN’s? I ate it, too. I thought it was yours.

— Yuna

Yeji added that she shared the bread with the other ITZY members as soon as she received it. She couldn’t stop thanking her senior for the treat.

I said it but I guess you didn’t hear that: ‘Dayoung sunbaenim gave one.’ Thank you, I shared it with the members.

— Yeji

ITZY | @itzyofficial/Twitter
WJSN (Cosmic Girls) | @WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter

Yuna followed Yeji’s thanks with her own message of gratitude towards Dayoung. She couldn’t stop gushing over the bread and its delicious taste. In fact, both members loved it so much that they said they would repurchase it in the future.

Thank you, it was so good. I only tried the cream cheese flavor. There was corn on top and cheddar cheese inside. Corn cream? Sweet potato? I don’t know but it was really good. I’m going to eat that [more often]. Thank you!

— Yuna

Though Yeji was shy about gaining WJSN’s attention in this way, the incident ended well!

Source: VLIVE