ITZY Yeji’s Pre-Debut Performances Highlight Her Fears of Falling Below Expectations

Yeji’s perseverance has definitely paid off.

Since her successful debut, ITZY‘s Yeji has led the rookie group to a record-breaking nine music show wins with their debut single, “DALLA DALLA”.

Yeji’s pre-debut performances show a younger Yeji struggling with meeting the expectations of fans and judges on the variety show THE FAN.

After being introduced as JYP Entertainment’s “Secret Weapon”, fans of the show had high expectations.

However, Yeji’s rendition of Zara Larsson‘s “Not My Fault” failed to impressed the show’s “fan masters” or judges.

Yeji failed to advance to the next stage with audience votes, but eventually advanced with the help of her fans.

In episode five, Yeji performed Dua Lipa‘s hit song “New Rules”, winning a sizeable number of votes and advancing to the next stage.

Yeji commented on the pressure she faced since her first stage and expressed her gratitude to the support of her fans. She also revealed that she struggled with a back injury the night before, but was determined to push through for her stage the next day.

Her humble attitude and choice of song even earned her praise from BoA.

BoA commented on her choice of song and the improvements to her vocals.

In the next episode, Yeji put on a stunning performance of N’sync‘s “Pop”, which earned her even more praise from the judges.

Check out all of her performances below.

Yeji’s humility and resilience in overcoming numerous setbacks shows that she has what it takes to accomplish even more as an artist in the future.

Source: Youtube