Here’s How ITZY’s Yuna Got Cast By JYP Entertainment

BtoB was a big part of how Yuna got to debut with ITZY.

ITZY recently appeared on MBC’s Idol Radio where the true story behind Yuna’s discovery was revealed.

During their chat, Yuna confessed the special connection she has to the show’s DJ, BtoB‘s Jung Il Hoon and shocked all those were listening.

Yuna shared, “My big sister is a huge fan of BtoB, so we went to see them at the 2015 Gayo Festival.

She then added, “And while we were there, someone from JYP Entertainment noticed me, and that’s how I ended up entering the agency as a trainee.

In response, Jung Il Hoon joked, “If you like BtoB, you’ll be rewarded with luck. So that means good things will happen if you like Idol Radio, too.

From the sounds of it, BtoB was a big part of how Yuna got to debut with ITZY, and fans are responding with surprise through comments such as “Wow, thank god she went to see BtoB“, “I’m not surprised that Yuna’s face stood out“, and “I wouldn’t have missed her either“.

Source: Insight


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