ITZY’s Yuna Uploads Selfies Without Her Usual Contact Lenses, Fans Are Loving Her Natural Look

She looks stunning in BOTH!

ITZY‘s Yuna continues to look even more gorgeous as the days pass by!

New photos that she posted on Instagram are creating a buzz online. On October 15, the maknae shared pictures of herself dressed in a gorgeous rose halter top and a black skirt.

ITZY’s Yuna |

Though she was definitely gorgeous, netizens were clamoring about something else that they noticed in the picture.

They loved how she looked in what they believed was a lack of contact lenses. K-Pop idols often wear “circle lenses” which have the effect of making their pupils look bigger—ITZY included.


While they give her an incredible doll-like look…


…fans loved her more natural appearance as well.


They commented that her “natural face is crazy pretty,” that “she’s really pretty,” and that “she looks even more luxurious without the [cutesy] makeup.”


ITZY was active in advertising Clalen Contact Lenses back in 2021.


Especially when performing on stage, they often don fake lenses to make their eyes pop.

Whether she wears obvious contact lenses or not, there’s no doubt that Yuna is absolutely stunning!

Source: Pann