ITZY’s Yuna Had The Cutest Chuseok Visitors To Introduce To MIDZYs

They even gave her and the camera a kiss.

The Chuseok holidays are a special occasion in South Korea that citizens typically celebrate with their families by returning to their ancestral hometowns.

Traffic during the Chuseok holidays

Many Korean celebrities and idols look forward to the break to reunite with their families and rest from their busy schedules. ITZY‘s Yuna gave her fans, dubbed MIDZY’s, a peek into her family’s home during Chuseok in a vlog uploaded to their YouTube channel.

ITZY’s Yuna | ITZY/YouTube

She said she had a couple of special guests with her, revealed to be two adorable puppies named Rolls and Royce!

The two looked like cotton candies as they gave MIDZY’s their Chuseok greeting.

They were also sweet enough to give Yuna and the camera an innocent kiss.

MIDZYs look forward to seeing more of Rolls and Royce in future ITZY vlogs!

Watch the full video below. Rolls and Royce make their entrance at the 12:30 mark.


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