ITZY’s Yuna Is The Only Member Who Would Rather Dance Than Sing, Here’s The Understandable Reason Why

Yuna’s reason was different from what her members expected!

ITZY recently shot a pictorial with Marie Claire Korea as ambassadors for Burberry.

ITZY’s Yeji | @marieclairekorea/Instagram

In addition to their stunning pictorials, with each of the members showing off their undeniable charm.

ITZY’s Lia | @marieclairekorea/Instagram
Itzy’s Ryujin | @marieclairekorea/Instagram

And their effortless modeling skills.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong | @marieclairekorea/Instagram
ITZY’s Yuna | @marieclairekorea/Instagram

The members also filmed an interview with Marie Claire Korea‘s official YouTube channel. For each of the questions, the members were given two options to pick between with the goal of trying to match each other’s answers. They wanted to avoid being the odd member out.

ITZY answered everything from whether or not they’d rather stay home or go out on a day off…

(left to right) ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna | Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

… To their favorite color Burberry trench coat.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

One of the more entertaining questions they asked the members was whether they’d rather spend the day singing or dancing.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

And while most of the members quickly picked singing…

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

Yuna stayed firm to her belief that she would rather spend a day dancing.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

Ryujin explained that while she may love dance, she had to pick singing “100% because of [the] stamina” it would require to dance all day long.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

And Chaeryeong, who is also an incredibly talented dancer, couldn’t help but agree.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

Yeji interjected that it must be because Yuna has more energy than the rest of them as their maknae, who just turned 20.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube  

But Yuna explained that she hadn’t decided based on her energy at all. In fact, she believed that she would be more worn out from singing all day. And so, she didn’t think she would be capable of singing all day if she lost her voice.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube