ITZY’s Yuna Joked That She’s Already Experienced Love, And Her Members Had The Best Reactions

She had a sly answer!

ITZY‘s Yuna definitely knows how to stand out!

The JYP Entertainment girl group recently guested on SBS Radio to promote their title track “Crazy In Love.” The radio show host couldn’t help but ask the members, “Have you ever been crazy in love?”

Most K-Pop idols would immediately deny the question, but Yuna had a memorable answer. She casually said, “Yes” and this grabbed the attention of her fellow members.

Most of them snapped their heads towards her as if to double check that she really spoke those words.

Just a beat later, Yuna clarified that she’s actually in love with their fans, MIDZYs. She is unsurprisingly “Crazy In Love” with the millions of people who follow the group wholeheartedly. Everyone let out a laugh at her sly, neutral reply!

[I’m in love with] MIDZY!

— Yuna

Yuna also made sure to give her loving parents a shoutout like the filial daughter that she is. Finally, she mentioned her fellow members, her unnies, as the people she treasures as well.

Comedic timing? Yuna’s got it!

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