Fact Check: Is The Photo Of ITZY’s Yuna With An Extreme Hourglass Figure Real?

Netizens can’t stop praising her.

ITZY‘s Yuna is once again going viral for her otherworldly beauty.

This time around, one particular photo of hers dating last August is resurfacing. Here outside the KBS building, Yuna was seen wearing a white crop top and skinny jeans. Korean netizens were amazed at her proportions, praising the idol for her incredible ant waist and wide hips.

  • Her waist is so thin, it’s no joke
  • If she weren’t an idol [in the public eye], people would say she edits her photos like an influencer. That’s how unreal her body is.
  • How is it possible that she looks like that? She’s gorgeous.

Some people wondered about the origins of the photo and if any sort of editing was involved.

Though Yuna is still undoubtedly slim, the video of the fanmeeting shows that she was likely breathing in at the time the camera shutter went off. Some fans believed that the original poster may have edited her waist to be even slimmer as well.

While there is no doubt that Yuna has a tiny waist, her other pictures suggest that she does not retain this exact figure the entire day.

Photos from Yuna’s other fansites prove that she looks stunning regardless!

KBS Cool FM also posted a video of Yuna doing the “CAKE” challenge on the same day, showcasing her gorgeous figure in its true-to-life form.

No matter what, it is still true that her physique is absolutely breathtaking!

This is not the first time Yuna has gone viral due to her jaw-dropping body. She is often praised for having a stunning hourglass shape in stage performances, fan-taken photos, Instagram posts, and more.

Source: Pann