How To Make K-Pop Audition Judges Pay Attention To You, According To ITZY’s Yuna

We’re taking notes!

ITZY‘s Yuna gave aspiring K-Pop idols advice on how to ace an audition. In a past live broadcast, a fan commented that they were planning on trying out for JYP Entertainment, the same company that houses ITZY.

I’m going to audition for JYP.


Yuna’s first reaction was that it would be “a meaningful experience” for them.

In a K-Pop audition with hundreds to thousands of hopefuls competing for the few spots to become a trainee, the likelihood of making it to the next round is small, to say the least. However, the ITZY maknae gave tips on how to maximize one’s chances by standing out from the crowd.

I’m sure this is true for all agencies and for all fields but looking like you have talent and potential—and [having] a kind of look in your eyes—I think that’s what’s important.

— Yuna

She added that exuding confidence is a necessity: “Make sure you have that.” 

The JYP Entertainment audition of NiziU’s Mako 

Yuna recognized that an auditionee may not be the most talented in the room but they can still make it through potential alone.

Even if you’re not perfect and even if you haven’t learned to sing or dance professionally, and even if you don’t have camera experience… If you have that look, if you look confident, I think you can make other people look forward to what you have to offer.

— Yuna

Yuna was 12 years old when she auditioned for JYP Entertainment. In a past live broadcast, she revealed that she was unprepared for the session but still made it thanks to her charm.

Originally, I didn’t pay much attention to idols. I didn’t try singing or dancing, so back then my skills weren’t that great. When I was requested to freestyle dance there, I just clapped…but I remember that I didn’t match the rhythm. It was supposed to be on beat.

— Yuna

Despite her awkward first steps onto her road to stardom, she’s now a vital member of ITZY! So for all those idol dreamers out there, remember what Yuna told you and get your confidence on point!

Source: VLIVE