ITZY’s Yuna Revealed How She Saved Her Members On Her Phone And Lia Couldn’t Resist Teasing Her

Lia had something to say about Yuna’s choices!

ITZY recently held a mini-fanmeeting where they had a blast interacting with fans and revealing some fun things like how each of them had saved each other in their phones. And when Yuna revealed how she had saved her unnies, well, it left her open to a little bit of teasing from Lia!


With Lia acting as MC, when she asked Yuna what she had saved each of the members in her phone as she got an answer she wasn’t expecting!


Because Yuna immediately starting explaining that she saved each of the members with their names but with some added unicorn emojis to each one!


Hearing Yuna had saved them with some emojis, she simply couldn’t resist teasing her! She just had to know if Yuna had added the unicorns just so she could find them easier.

You put unicorns so it will be easier to find our names, right?

— Lia


While fans cracked up at Lia’s question, they cracked up even harder when Yuna came back with a resounding, “No!”


— Yuna


The teasing moment between the two is putting a big smile on everyone’s face and really why wouldn’t it. They couldn’t have been any cuter!