ITZY Questioned Yuna’s Status As A ONCE So She Did Everything She Could To Prove She’s A True TWICE Fan

Yuna wanted to prove that she’s a MIDZY and a ONCE!

ITZY truly love their TWICE unnies and, of course, they’re big fans of them too! Recently, however, Yuna‘s status as a ONCE was called into question thanks to one slip of the tongue and she did just about everything she could to convince her members that she really is a true fan of TWICE!


ITZY recently blessed fans with a surprise live where they had a blast interacting with MIDZY and each other. During the live, they also talked about TWICE and their stunning new comeback.


Unfortunately for Yuna, in the midst of their TWICE conversation, she uttered the words, “If I was a ONCE, I would cry.” And let’s just say the rest of ITZY instantly picked up on her wording!

You’re not a ONCE?

— Lia


Although Yuna was quick to deny that was what she had meant, her ITZY unnies weren’t going to let her get away with it that easily and continued to tease her!


When they decided to give her another chance at claiming her ONCE status, Yuna was the first to declare her position!

Again, again! Hands in if you’re a ONCE!

— Lia


And after explaining that she is a once but was simply using “if” as an expression, Ryujin finally declared all of them ONCEs!

Alright, we’re all ONCEs!

— Ryujin


Watch Yuna take back her ONCE title in the video below around the 12-minute and 15-second mark: