ITZY Yuna’s Reaction To Chaeryeong Crushing Her Gift Is Award-Winning

While Chaeryeong was worried, the rest were cracking up at Yuna’s skills.

The girls of ITZY can go from being calm to playing pranks on each other in the blink of an eye. That’s precisely what happened during a live broadcast for Yuna‘s birthday.

While the birthday girl would typically be the person being fooled, it had actually been Chaeryeong, thanks to Yuna’s spot-on acting skills.

As the group was seated on the floor, Yuna’s blue gift was sitting in between all of them. Before she could reach for it, it became the center of a mishap. While Chaeryeong gained her footing to stand up, she’d accidentally stepped all over Yuna’s gift, tossing it around.

Realizing what had happened, Yuna and Ryujin covered their mouths in shock. Lia and Yeji were just as surprised, bursting into laugher. When Chaeryeong noticed, she immediately reached for the gift.

Picking it up, Chaeryeong worriedly slid over to Yuna, apologizing for the mistake. She revealed that she hadn’t seen it because of her poor eyesight. That didn’t stop Yuna from acting, though. Continuing to play the role of someone heartbroken from shock, she wiped her eyes as if crying.

Chaeryeong soon realized Yuna was merely being dramatic. She smiled and laughed as Yuna snapped out of her acting mode and reassured Chaeryeong she’d only been joking and wasn’t upset at all.

Since Yuna had Chaeryeong fooled and didn’t lose character until she was ready, her performance was not only hilarious but proved she could take on a few more acting roles.

See the members and even Chaeryeong have a laugh, thanks to Yuna’s funny acting skills.