ITZY’s Yuna Had A Sassy And Cute Reaction When She Was Asked To Smile During A Live

Her reaction is guaranteed to make you smile:

ITZY‘s Yuna has been capturing everyone’s heart not only with her flawless skills on stage and her sweet and playful personality off, but with her radiant smile too! Many fans have absolutely melted when they’ve seen Yuna’s bright smile so of course, they would want to see even more of it!


During a recent livestream, Yeji, Lia, and Ryujin were reading fan comments when they reached one that they just had to share with Yuna!

I like Yuna’s smile!

— Lia, Yeji, and Ryujin reading fan comment


And hearing fans were in love with Yuna’s dazzling grin, they asked Yuna to share it with everyone once more!


— Lia, Yeji, and Ryujin


But the answer they got back was a bit unexpected. First, Yuna responded that she wouldn’t…

No way…

— Yuna


Before giving a countdown and give a big grin for everyone!


Dazzling smile? Check! Love for MIDZY? Double-check! Yuna being adorable? Triple-check!