ITZY’s Yuna Goes Shopping For Herself But Ends Up Finding Things For Yeji—The Reason Is Adorable

Their friendship is so cute!

ITZY‘s charming maknae Yuna recently took her fans on a shopping journey with her and couldn’t help but find several items for the group’s beloved leader Yeji!

On her day off, Yuna spent a day full of shopping and fans loved to see her taking some time away from her busy schedule.

While seeing Yuna treat herself to some cute new clothes was nice, it was also cute for fans to see Yuna think of her fellow member Yeji.

As Yuna looked through the rack, she found several items that she had to buy for Yeji, the reason was simply because, “Honestly, Yeji can pull off any outfit.

Yuna found some pants that Yuna claimed, “Are so Yeji.” Yuna stated that because “There’s nothing Yeji can’t pull off” that Yeji would “Even look great in” the unique pants she found.

Yuna turned her focus back on herslef and found a nice coat for herself. Despite loving the coat, Yuna commented that the coat feels like an item for Yeji as well. Yuna shared, “Feels like Yeji should be wearing this too.”

Yuna’s thoughtfulness and compliments towards Yeji is so sweet and MIDZYs love their friendship!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Check out Yeji’s vlog below:


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