ITZY Yuna’s Smooth Reaction To Yeji’s Stage Mishap Proves She’s A True Professional

“Yuna was so hot for that…”

When it comes to dazzling performances and unforgettable stage presence, the remarkable K-Pop sensation ITZY consistently delivers. Recently, on May 10, the talented girl group was invited to perform at the highly anticipated Suwon University Festival, where they enthralled the crowd with a spectacular showcase of their greatest hits. From the powerful beats of “Sneakers” to the infectious energy of “WANNABE,” the girls left no stone unturned, captivating the audience with their electrifying choreography.

However, as any seasoned performer knows, even the most meticulously planned performances can be met with unexpected challenges.


During their rendition of “WANNABE,” Yeji encountered a brief mishap as her microphone slipped from her hand and fell to the floor. Yet, it was the quick thinking and poise of ITZY’s Yuna that stole the spotlight as she flawlessly retrieved the fallen microphone and passed it back to Yeji, seamlessly preserving the performance’s momentum. In that moment, Yuna’s smooth reaction not only showcased her remarkable professionalism but also demonstrated why ITZY continues to be revered as a true powerhouse in the K-pop industry.

The festival attendees and fans online alike were in awe of Yuna’s remarkable presence of mind. On social media platforms, praises poured in for the talented artist’s quick reflexes and ability to maintain the seamless progression of the performance. One fan exclaimed, “Itzy are all so pro like fr, no matter how baby and silly they act off stage when they’re on stage, they are ON.

Another fan couldn’t help but express their astonishment at how Yuna could hand the mic back so smoothly.

Yuna’s composed reaction to Yeji’s stage mishap only serves to reinforce the notion that ITZY is a group of true professionals. They have honed their skills through rigorous training and countless performances, allowing them to handle unforeseen circumstances flawlessly. It is their unwavering dedication and commitment to their craft that sets them apart as one of the most admired groups in the industry.


Beyond their extraordinary talent, ITZY continues to win hearts with their genuine camaraderie and down-to-earth personalities. Despite their immense success, the members of ITZY remain humble, approachable, and relatable, endearing themselves to fans worldwide.


As ITZY continues to reach new heights and captivate audiences with their dynamic performances, Yuna’s smooth reaction to Yeji’s stage mishap serves as a shining example of the group’s professionalism. Their ability to navigate unexpected challenges and deliver flawless performances is a testament to their hard work, perseverance, and unwavering passion for their craft.


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