ITZY’s Yuna Spilled The Details On Filming With BTS’s Jungkook

She talked about the line that was cut from their iconic scene.

A little over a year ago, ITZY made their debut as JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group, earning not only the love of fans but the title of monster rookies along with TXT.

Members of the group, like Yuna, were known to the public long before they debuted, having appeared in Stray Kids‘ self-titled survival show and BTS‘s highlight reel.

In a live broadcast with Ryujin, who also appeared in the highlight reel, Yuna talked about the filming and how she shot scenes with Jungkook.

Since Ryujin talked about her acting role, it was only fair to mention Yuna’s. Recalling the scenes she filmed when she was only about fourteen years old, Yuna amused her by saying, “Frankly speaking… Can I say this here? I honestly felt so bad for myself.”

Because Jungkook was a patient and Yuna starred opposite him, she expressed some regret at how she couldn’t look as healthy and pretty as the rest of the girls who appeared in the reel. In the process, she revealed how they prepared her for the scene as well.

The other girls had makeup on, lipstick on. They made the other girls so pretty. But, for me, they hardly put anything on my face. They said, ‘Yuna, we have to make you look sick.’ So, they put foundation instead of lipstick on my lips. So, I turned out to be like that.

On top of nailing the sick look for her character, Yuna explained how she wasn’t allowed to smile for her scenes to keep in theme. When filming concluded, she was surprised to find that she hadn’t appeared in the final shot, instead replaced with a flower.

I couldn’t smile. And, I’m someone who looks pretty when they smile. I had the IV taped on my arm like that, walking around. When the filming was done, it was time to go. When I watched the ending scene, I wasn’t even there. Ah, I thought I became the flower.

Yuna also mentioned a line that was supposed to be included in one of the scenes she filmed with Jungkook. She was supposed to warm him against doing something dangerous. Since she was only a trainee and lacked acting experience, it didn’t come out as well as they hoped.

Ah, right. ‘Careful, it’s dangerous.’ But, it sounded like, ‘Careful!’ Because back then, I was just a trainee. I was new to that kind of environment since it was my first time in front of so many staff. So, I sounded quite awkward like that.

Her delivery wasn’t as relaxed as she’s able to do it now. To compensate for it, they tried to shorten the line but ended up cutting it altogether.

That’s why Yuna’s voice wasn’t heard in any of the scenes with Jungkook, “Then, they told me to take out, ‘It’s dangerous.’ They said, ‘Yuna, just raise your hand instead.’ So, my line just went away.”

Watch Yuna and Ryujin amuse themselves with remembering those awkward but memorable moments of filming for BTS’s highlight reel back in 2017 here, beginning at 42:53.