ITZY’s Yuna Tops College White Day Poll And Fans Are Not Okay With It

Fans are unhappy that a minor was even on the poll in the first place:

Normally when idols win votes or top polls fans are extremely excited, but a recent poll has been making a lot of ITZY fans feel very uncomfortable.


Seoul Arts College recently held a poll to determine which female celebrity male students would like to give candy to this upcoming White Day. White Day is celebrated by many countries in Asia including Korea and is a romantic day where men shower women with treats.


The survey of 400 male college students revealed the top five female celebs to be actress Jo Bo Ah in fifth place, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie in fourth, Chungha in third, actress Shin Ye Eun in second, and ITZY’s Yuna coming in first.


While many fans have expressed their happiness that ITZY is getting a lot of love, they aren’t so thrilled with this particular attention. Fans have been revealing they don’t think this is a good thing. The main reason behind many fans negative response to the news is due to the fact that Yuna is ITZY youngest member and only recently turned 15 in December.


Many fans have even been left wondering why Yuna was placed on the list in the first place since she is still a minor.


And at least one fan expressed that they would be happy to see Yuna win the poll as long as she was older.