ITZY’s Chaeryeong Asked This Idol For Her Number During The MGMAs

Their interaction is adorable!

During the MGMAs (M2 X Genie Music Awards), ITZY was seen sitting two rows behind IZ*ONE. There, we can see some cute interaction between Chaeryeong and Jo Yuri!

The two are seen chatting, with Yuri turning around to face Chaeryeong properly. There, Chaeryeong uses her hands to mimic using a phone.

She then brings her hands to her chest, asking Yuri to give her her phone number!

Jo Yuri ends up bursting into laughter after the interaction. She turns to Chaeryeong’s older sister, Chaeyeon, who happens to be a member of IZ*ONE with her. Chaeyeon turns to look at ITZY in the back. Yuri must have thought about how adorable Chaeryeong is!

Yuna and Ryujin of ITZY also started laughing, with Chaeryeong covering her face in embarrassment! Ryujin can even be seen next to Chaeryeong, mimicking how Chaeryeong asked for Yuri’s number.

Check out the adorable interaction here!

Source: Pann