ITZY’s Chaeryeong Finally Explains Her “Pringles Scandal”

The ITZY star has finally explained her stance.

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong recently shot her first solo photoshoot with Marie Claire and stunned K-Pop fans all over the world with her undeniable visuals. The ITZY star also sat down and held a pop quiz with the Marie Claire team for a YouTube video. Chaeyeong revealed a lot of interesting facts about herself during the quiz, but she also had the chance to finally address the “Pringles Scandal” she caused last year.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

During promotions for ITZY’s summer hit “Sneakers,” Chaeryeong guested in Lee Young Ji‘s popular show My Alcohol Diary. The entire episode went viral, with Korean netizens praising Chaeryeong’s entertaining attitude and quick wits. Though it was one part in particular that was loved the most, during which Chaeyeong and Young Ji have a discussion about Pringles.

Chaeryeong: Have you tried to finish the whole Pringles?

Young Ji: What kind of question is that?

Chaeryeong: Have you tried finishing it?

Young Ji: Have I tried finishing it? You never have?

Chaeryeong: I have that’s why I am asking.

Young Ji: Is that surprising for you? … But you feel proud of finishing one whole pringles?

Chaeryeong: I’m like “Wow, Lee Chaeryeong you are amazing.”


The clip was posted on multiple social media platforms by fans who found the interaction hilarious, and apparently so did many others! A Twitter post of the interaction has over 18,000 likes and the video gained more than 1 million views. The term “Pringles” also started trending at #1 in South Korea, talk about impact!

Chaeryeong took her cute Pringles moment a step further when she decided to incorporate it into her ending fairy sequence at Music Bank. The ITZY star cutely acted out eating a whole can of Pringles at once, making netizens fall in love with her once again.

However, Chaeryeong never had a chance to address the Pringles Scandal again after that, until today. It seems like the idol had been wanting to do so for a while, as she got super excited when she read the question and even said so!

I really wanted to say this!

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong

“You caused the “Pringles Scandal” last year. Would you like to clarify anything?” | Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Finally having the chance to clarify her statement, Chaeryeong shared that it wasn’t actually the lack of appetite that stopped her from finishing a whole pack of Pringles. The idol revealed that it was mostly due to the amount of oil the chips have.

I didn’t mean I wouldn’t normally finish the whole pack of Pringles because I get full. But I meant that I was surprised at myself for finishing it even though I was getting tired of its oilness.

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

The staff then asked Chaeryeong if there is anything else she can finish without getting tired or full and the idol answered honestly.

I can finish a whole pack of purple sweet potato chips!

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong

Now that Chaeryeong has clarified her stance on eating a whole pack of Pringles, everyone can start enjoying the popular chips once again!

Source: Marie Clarie Korea