ITZY’s Chaeryoung Cutely Forgot The Words To This Iconic TWICE Song And Her Members Were In Shock

“We can’t not know this song” – Yeji.

ITZY were guests on Prison Life of Fools where they had to correctly sing karaoke to a couple of songs. When a certain TWICE song came on, the girls confidently rushed to the stage and grabbed their microphones.

The TWICE song in question was “Like OOH-AHH”, TWICE’s debut song.

Ryujin and Yeji started off strong, belting out the words to the TWICE classic, but then it was Chaeryoung‘s turn…

Chaeryoung fumbled the lyrics and Ryujin was stunned.

As ITZY is TWICE’s younger sister group of the same company, they were confident that they’d pass since they’d all absolutely know the words. But let’s face it, Chaeryoung sounded like a lot of us when we attempt to sing along to K-Pop, if not better.