ITZY’s Fans Upset That Chaeryeong Doesn’t Show Up As A Suggestion On Naver’s Searches

Fans are upset.

Recently, Korean fans noticed that when they search the term ITZY on Naver, every member but Chaeryeong appears as a top search. Other keywords that show up concerning ITZY involve their songs and galleries of each member and the group as a whole.

The key words translate to:

  1. ITZY
  2. ITZY gallery
  3. ITZY Yeji
  4. ITZY Yuna
  5. ITZY Lia
  6. ITZY Ryujin
  8. ITZY Lia golden spoon
  9. ITZY Yeji wallpaper
  10. ITZY Ryujin golden spoon

Fans are upset, claiming that people are ignoring Chaeryeong despite her superb vocal and dance abilities. Netizens note that Chaeryeong has a lot of charms both on stage and on variety shows, and it appears that people are ignoring that.

Some netizens commented that ITZY is not the only group that is like this, however. Many mention how the top keywords for ASTRO are Cha Eunwoo, and the top keywords for AOA are Seolhyun.

Source: Pann