ITZY’s Yeji Wore The Same Top As Beyoncé, And They Had Completely Different Vibes

Queens! 👑

ITZY’s Yeji just matched her clothes with an unexpected celebrity!

ITZY | @itzyallinus/Instagram

In one Inkigayo stage for “SWIPE,” ITZY wore clothes from Ivy Park, the fashion brand of Beyoncé. She and her fellow members were dressed in the Rodeo collection, with Yeji wearing their sleeveless top with a heart shaped neckline.

ITZY’s Yeji 

She looked cute and trendy in the outfit, matching the confident vibes of the song. Yeji had a youthful aura that ITZY is known for as a group.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, also had a photoshoot wearing the exact same shirt. Unlike Yeji, she had a more mature look, oozing confidence and sexiness.

Beyoncé | IVY PARK

The collection is a partnership between IVY PARK and Adidas, and the 58 apparel pieces were hand-picked by the American singer herself. She said that the Ivy Park Rodeo line is inspired by “the inimitable style and undeniable influence of Black cowboys and cowgirls.”

| Adidas

You have to admit, they were both on fire!

| Adidas

Source: Instagram and PYMNTS

Same Fit, Different Vibes