ITZY’s Yuna Discovers Potential Backup Career In Recent Vlog

I think it’s safe to say her career as an idol will continue!

ITZY‘s Yuna believes she may have found her new calling in her latest adventure with Chaeryeong.

ITZY’s Yuna | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

In ITZY‘s latest vlog update, the two youngest members, Chaeryeong and Yuna, find themselves at an art studio. They reveal that they are there to make each other a gift and are excited to try their hand at a new craft, tufting.

The idea of switching careers began when Yuna first tried on her apron. Yuna jokingly asked Chaeryeong if she looked like she worked at the studio, to which the older member agreed she did.

Yuna’s confidence continued when she selected a difficult design for her first attempt at tufting, a floral pattern.

Her newfound passion continued to form when Yuna started to browse her phone for inspiration photos. She fatefully saw an ad encouraging her to “start a business with tufting.

Before she even began her work, she was already dreaming up this new business.

Chaeryeong further encouraged artist Yuna by capturing her beauty as she marked the canvas.

The dream quickly turned to chaos when Chaeryeong began to show natural talent and Yuna struggled to keep up.

Despite the initial learning curve with the equipment, both Chaeryeong’s and Yuna’s projects looked great!

Even though the two had fun, I think it’s safe to say Yuna’s career as an idol will continue.

Check out the fun video here:

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