The Reasons IU Is The #1 Artist In All Of Korea

She’s already a living legend.

It’s been almost a decade since solo singer IU debuted, and she’s been at the top of the industry for most of that career. 

While many trendy artists have had their ups and downs, IU has maintained a level of well-rounded success hat has essentially been unrivaled. 

While there are plenty of reasons why IU has become such a household name, here are the main reasons why she is one of the top artists in the history of Korean entertainment. 



Of course, the main reason behind IU’s success is simply because she makes amazing music.

Not only does she have a unique and angelic voice, but she’s also a musical genius as well. 

Starting off writing lyrics, IU has also begun producing her own songs as well.

With more mega-hits than any other artist, any release by IU is expected to top the charts.



As a soloist, IU has been praised for having incredible vocal color and stability.

But what sets her apart from other solo artists is her ability to match with any duet partner and create wonderful pieces of art.

One of her recent tracks with “Palette,” which features BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon is proof that she can stand her own with any duet partner and not get overshadowed.



IU has proven time and time again that she can conquer any genre.

Although she’s known for more indie-style music, she’s delved into almost every genre out there and came out on top.

She even gave EDM a try with her collaboration track with Park Myung Soo, “Leon.”



Unlike idol groups, which tend to gear to a younger genre, IU’s music reaches all age groups and demographics.

As an artist who can sing any genre, she’s also proven that she can pull off any concept as well.

In fact, IU released an album comprised entirely of remakes and was still able to top the charts.



IU is one of the most respectful young artists in the industry.

She constantly talks about how she draws inspiration from the seniors in the industry and how much she loves the music they release.

In a special video for her title track “Meaning Of You” from remake EP Flower Bookmark, IU even started the video with a long shout-out to music legend Kim Chang Wan.



IU has an undeniable aura that can only be described as magical.

Her voice can send chills, but just her presence alone can captivate an audience.

Even when she was just standing while performing a cover of BIGBANG’s “If You,” the audience was captivated by her aura.



After making her drama debut in Dream High along with other stars such as Kim Soo Hyunmiss A‘s Suzy, and 2PM‘s Taecyeon, IU has gone on to star in several top dramas. 

Some of her works include You’re The Best Lee Soon ShinProducer, and Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Her latest drama, My Mister, has been referred to as the “drama of a lifetime.”



A brand favorite, IU can be seen almost everywhere on the streets of Korea. Not only is she the model for Chamisul, one of the biggest soju distributors in Korea, she’s also the face of Lotte Mongshell ChocopieSony MDR, and more!


Social Media

As any top star would do, IU constantly updates her fans on social media.

In addition to selfies and food photos, she also likes to show fans any new hobbies she has and even uploads some short clips of new songs she’s been trying to learn.

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Not only is IU a super talented artist, but she’s also excellent at variety shows as well! With her bright sense of humor and adorable reactions, she’s constantly the target of variety show producers.



Of course, visuals aren’t necessary to be an artist, but it sure doesn’t hurt either.

Not only is IU just oozing with talent, but she’s one of the top beauties in Korea as well!

With such fair skin and an adorable smile, there’s no wonder she’s one of Korea’s sweethearts.



Tons of celebrities can vouch that IU has the heart of a true angel. IU is friends with virtually everyone in the industry, and her friends will go out of their way to make sure they can help her in any way.

Artists such as Epik HighZico, and Cha Tae Hyun traveled hours to make guest appearances at her solo concert, and former Dream High and Producer co-star Kim Soo Hyun even starred in her music video!