IU Almost Drowned From An Accident On “Running Man”

In a radio show, IU revealed she has a deep fear of water, and she explained how it all started.

She explained that it happened while filming Running Man, where she fell from a diving board into a deep pool.

At the time, IU thought she could swim, but she realized that she actually couldn’t.

“I lived my whole life thinking I could swim. But a while ago, I fell into water and I seriously almost died. I felt the fear of falling into water for the first time.

I thought I was going to float. So I held my breath and waved my arms around, thinking I would float… But it didn’t work that way. I just started sinking… I was so scared.”

— IU

In the episode, IU can be seen struggling to keep her head above the water, while her body stayed stiff underwater.

Song Ji Hyo was also seen with a concerned look on her face while looking in IU’s direction.

Watch the clip of IU’s terrifying moment in Running Man below.

Source: Idol Best