IU Asks For Advice On A Dress But Fans Are Having The Hardest Time Choosing Just One

Which one would you choose?

Singer and actress IU recently posted photos on Instagram asking fans to choose which dress color was better!

November let’s get it! Black? White?

– IU

Let’s take a look at the two options, shall we?

IU | dlwlrma/Instagram

This pure and heavenly silhouette makes her look like an angel sent from above!

IU | dlwlrma/Instagram

White is giving heavenly goddess visuals!

IU | dlwlrma/Instagram
IU | dlwlrma/Instagram

But taking a look at the black dress, she looks absolutely stunning too!

IU | dlwlrma/Instagram
IU | dlwlrma/Instagram

The backless touch is giving chic and sophisticated!

IU | dlwlrma/Instagram
IU | dlwlrma/Instagram

It’s no wonder fans were having the hardest time choosing between the two!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Wow.”
  • “White!”
  • “So freaking pretty.”
  • “So beautiful…”
  • “As soon as I saw the photos, I chose white…but the more I scrolled I chose black..but scrolling back up, I’m back to white…how can I choose? Both are stunning!”
  • “I choose white!”
  • “I really tried to choose, but it’s so hard.”

Regardless of which one she goes for, she’s going to look amazing!

Source: theqoo