IU’s Baby Pictures Prove She Had Top Star Visuals Her Whole Life

Who’s doing it like IU?

IU is an A-class celebrity, a revered soloist, and Korea’s adorable little sister all rolled into one.

When she shared photos greeting her little brother on SNS, she proved that she was a top child visual as well.

It’s my beloved dongsaeng‘s birthday today!

— IU

More photos have since resurfaced, proving her gorgeous looks. Her current features are recognizable even as she was a young child, with her round cheeks, bright eyes, and straight black hair.

Some pictures even showed her performing in a school event like the star performer she was always meant to be!

IU’s baby photos were definitely heartwarming, with many commenting that she was “like a doll”, she had “goddess visuals”, and she “looks exactly the same”.

So cute! Who’s doing it like IU?


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