IU Was Begging Yoo In Na To Stay On The Phone With Her… And Yoo In Na Just Said “Nope”

Only best friends can do this.

Yoo In Na and Kang Ha Neul called IU on MBC’s Funding Together, where Yoo In Na and IU showed off a bond that fans could only laugh about.

Yoo In Na and Kang Ha Neul were discussing life books when they decided to give IU a call.

When IU picked up the phone, the three stars talked about all sorts of things…except for books.

Kang Ha Neul then exclaimed, “IU! Please recommend a book!” to which IU replied, “I will. But… if I do, you’ll hang up on me.

When Yoo In Na said they wouldn’t, IU responded, “I was at home all alone all day, so I have no one to talk to. You won’t hang up on me, right?

In response, Yoo In Na promised not to hang up, so IU recommended Im Sol Ah‘s book, “Best Life”.

But Yoo In Na immediately hung up after that and made all the viewers burst into laughter.


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