Multi-Talented Queen IU Believes She’s Unskilled—Here’s Why

We completely disagree!

IU has proven that she’s multi-talented and highly skilled on multiple occasions.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU is a great singer.

| IU Official/YouTube

She’s a great songwriter.

| 1theK/YouTube 

She plays guitar, piano, recorder, and drums.


She’s a super talented actress, too!

| Viki Global TV/YouTube

Despite her many talents, IU believes she’s unskilled.

| IU Official/YouTube

IU’s younger brother interviewed her for her personal YouTube channel, and he asked her to describe what she’s like as a person as opposed to as a K-Pop idol and actress.

Surprisingly, IU answered by saying, “I feel that I am unskilled.” 

She said that she’s not good at anything besides her work and washing dishes.

IU further explained that she feels unskilled because there’s not much she’s “done or experienced in life.” 

Even though IU may feel unskilled, we definitely disagree and think she’d easily master anything she tries her hand at!

See IU’s full interview with her younger brother below.