Only IU Could Have Her Bodyguards Dance During A Concert Alongside Her

They were having the time of their lives.

Although it may have been the last 2019 LOVE, POEM concert, IU, her team, and her bodyguard made sure that it was definitely a concert to remember!

IU completely dazzled with flawless performances, fun ments, and sweet fan interactions! But one moment, in particular, that has been stealing everyone’s heart is IU’s encore performance featuring her awesome bodyguard!

During her encore, IU performed “Last Night Story”. As IU brought the energy levels to new heights as she performed, her bodyguards suddenly ran from the stage wings and started dancing along to the choreography! The previous night, she brought her live band members to join her in the choreography instead!

When they appeared, they immediately turned into the ultimate dancing kings, nailing every single one of the moves!

As they continued to put their energy into the performance, IU simply couldn’t hide her smile…

And neither could anyone else! Uaena have been absolutely loving the moment especially because it shows just how close IU and her entire team are!

So much cuteness!