IU And BTS’s Suga Actually Revealed Hints About Their Collaboration — But No One Figured It Out, Until Now

IU and Suga already released hints about their collaboration by posting these on their social media accounts.

IU is going to release her digital single this May 06 in collaboration with BTS‘s Suga.

And both of their fans are currently breaking the Internet because they just found out that both artists actually released subtle hints about their upcoming collaboration…

…and no one found out — until now!

Earlier this week, IU released her moving teaser for the song “Eight” and it included the lyrics “So are you happy now?”, as you can hear from the teaser.

Fans were shocked to found out that IU actually released a hint before about her upcoming collaboration when she posted this video of her in the studio back in March.

During the end of the video clip, you can also her IU start to sing “So…” which is a part of the “So are you happy now?” lyrics in the released teaser.

Another hint that was released came from Suga himself, when he posted this tweet back in March as well:

[Found these] while looking around

– Suga

Suga left a subtle hint for the fans as he showed off some of his past works by posting a picture of his trusty notebook — this is where he usually writes song lyrics.

In a past broadcast, Suga shared that whenever he’s in the process of creating a song, he usually jots the song lyrics and after a while, everything will start to make sense for him.

Whenever he writes songs, the creative process is very interesting because he prefers to write the lyrics by hand.

Once again, he mentioned here his yellow notepad. This is why fans believe that when he shared the tweet of his past works, he may have been in the process of developing his collaborative song with IU at that time.

For you to find more details about the upcoming collaboration between IU and Suga, check out the next post below by clicking on it.

IU Releases Second Teaser Photo And Moving Teaser For Collaboration Song “Eight” With BTS’s Suga