IU Can’t Decide Whether To Keep Her Long Hair Or Get A Bob, So She Lets Her Team Vote

Are you on “Team Bob Cut”?

IU often catches the audience’s attention with her gorgeous hair — whether it’s long and flowing or short and lively! With her amazing visuals, there’s really no wrong answer when it comes to her haircut. So when asked on the set of her latest music video, “Strawberry Moon,” whether she wanted to get a bob right then and there, she couldn’t make up her mind!

| IU Official/YouTube  

She had grown out her hair ever since “Love Poem” and had finally gotten her hair back to a good state after years of dyeing it and getting perms. IU revealed she had planned to cut her hair for the sake of her music video!

I was going to cut it today. I was going to finish this scene and get my hair cut for the next scene, but I’m having second thoughts.

— IU

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Being as close with her fans as she is, IU knew how they would respond. First, there’s the “Anti bob cut UAENA party” that IU predicted would “throw a rampage” if she suddenly got a bob again. And then there are the “‘bob cut party’ members” that also encourage IU to get the flattering haircut whenever they feel her hair has been long for too long!

“How long will you grow your hair out!” | IU Official/YouTube  

She couldn’t make up her mind, so when a staff member suggested they go by majority vote, IU was instantly on board. PD Hye Bin voted in favor of the haircut for one strategic reason: it would get the video a ton of views!

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IU asked other people on her team who had their own reasons for voting a certain way. Multiple people in the dressing room voted against it! Needing more votes, IU sent Hye Bin out to get the CEO of EDAM Entertainment‘s opinion on the matter. He immediately said, “No way!” bringing the score to 1 in favor and 4 against.

“Of course she shouldn’t!” | IU Official/YouTube  

Bodyguard Park Geun Woo had the last vote and quickly expressed that she should not get a bob cut for this sweet reason: “Long hair looks pretty on you.

| IU Official/YouTube 

In the end, IU had the final decision! Even though her styling team was ready to cut her hair, she decided against it. So she kept her long, gorgeous hair for the entire “Strawberry Moon” music video! We know she’d look amazing with either haircut, but the long hair definitely makes her fantasy-like music video even more magical. Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below!

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