IU Reveals Which Song She Cherishes The Most In Her Album “LILAC”

The song reflects the whole album perfectly!

Back on March 25, IU dropped her 5th full album LILAC and it was, of course, well received by fans! IU has often stated that LILAC is very personal to her since it resembles her 20s and is the last goodbye before entering her 30s.

Because of IU’s hard work and personal connection to the album, the lyrics are simply beautiful! In her latest YouTube video, IU revealed what she believes is her “Best one verse” in LILAC and why. IU also revealed which song on the album she cherishes the most!

Despite the difficulty she had with answering the question, IU revealed her favorite “One verse” was some from her song “Epilogue.” IU shared that “Epilogue’s” first verse to its pre-chorus is very meaningful to her.

IU explained her process of writing the lyrics and how it was a perfect fit as the album’s concluding song.

The lyrics that I wrote before the song came out. I wrote as a prose and when the melody came out, I wanted to deliver it in ‘Epilogue.’ I thought it would be good. The lyrics came out in 30 minute.

— 6IU

IU also revealed that “Epilogue” might be her favorite song on the album!

I think it’s my favorite song in this album. All of my songs are precious, of course, but this song contains the message I really want to deliver. So I cherish ‘Epilogue.’

— IU

Overall, “Epilogue” sums up the album’s meaning as well as sends out the message IU wanted to convey to her fans.

I would like to say the verse from ‘Epilogue’ represents my album. The song that I cherish the most.

— IU

Following her answer and explanation, IU then beautifully sang “Epilogue” for her viewers!

Check out the video below: