IU Revealed “Coin” Is The Most Nerve-Racking Music Video She’s Ever Shot— Here’s Why

“It’s the first time I’ve gotten so nervous.”

IU recently shared some behind the scene moments from her latest music video “Coin.”

While filming her music video, IU revealed to the viewers that she’s never been nervous about filming a music video until filming “Coin.”

I’ve never been so nervous shooting a music video…It’s the first time I’ve gotten so nervous.

— IU

The reason behind IU’s nerves was because of the special guest cameo featured in her music video. By now fans are aware of the charismatic actor Kim Yoon Seok made a special cameo appearance in the music video!

In the music video, Kim Yoon Seok portrayed the same powerful energy as his iconic character Agui from the hit film Tazza. Following his grand entrance in the music video, Kim Yoon Seok sat down for a game of poker with IU.

Despite Kim Yoon Seok being a huge actor and IU’s nerves around him, IU explained to her viewers that he didn’t make her too anxious.

Yoon Seok made me feel very comfortable. But I still feel nervous…Hes so sweet….

— IU

While many people would be starstruck in seeing IU for the first time, IU appeared quite starstruck by the Tazza actor! IU shared how amazing it was for her to see his acting in action!

Today’s my first time meeting him. It’s amazing that I can see him act in front of my eyes. And the fact that it’ll be at the set of my music video feels so amazing.

— IU

Despite IU’s nervousness, she appeared totally confident once the camera started rolling. She’s a real pro!

Following the shooting of Kim Yoon Seok and IU’s scene was over, the two stars took a cute photo together.

Check the video below: