IU’s Concert Ticket Sales Ignite The Fiercest Competition Among K-Pop Fans

“Ahead of you: 63,975”

Earlier this month, IU announced her 2019 “LOVE, POEM” tour dates and locations. IU being IU, as well as Korean university students’ most respected artist, K-Pop fans became thrilled for the chance to see IU live.


Unfortunately, buying tickets proved to be quite a challenge. On October 24, 2019, tickets for the Seoul leg of the concert went on sale. The competition for seats was fierce. Those who tried their luck at booking tickets witnessed a waitlist as packed as 80K fans at once!


A netizen shared screenshots from a failed attempt to snatch a seat. For IU’s Saturday show, the waitlist reached 55K+ fans on standby. For her Sunday show, it was close to 64K. It is estimated that over 100K fans tried to buy tickets each night.

“[2019 IU Tour Concert <Love, Poem> – Seoul] Ahead of you: 63,975”


Official media reports have shared that a total of 28K tickets went within the first minute of sales. With that said, IU has successfully sold out all of her concerts to be held in Korea — proving her place as an amazing, unrivaled solo female artist in the industry at the moment!


Looks like IU will be serenading to a very full house every single night for her domestic destinations!

Source: THEQOO (1) and (2) and Star News