IU Confessed Why She Tears Up Every Time Her Fans Sing Her Songs — And Her Reason Is Not What You Think

It’s so refreshing to hear a popular artist like IU share her honest feelings.

The relationship between superstar IU and her adoring fans isn’t just a cold business transaction.

For IU, she always takes the feelings and opinions of her fans into consideration whenever she’s producing a song or preparing for a concert.

Just this month, IU even invited some of her fans to listen to her song “Eight” and give their honest opinions about it.

This is a rare moment, because not every K-Pop celebrity has the luxury to do this kind of personal interaction with their fans, right?


IU believes that the love she shares with her fans is important in her growth as a person and as an artist — that’s why when she was asked in an interview to share about a memory that moved her and touched her heart…

…IU answered that it was whenever her fans sing her song “Heart” at the concert arena, she always tears up.

I wrote the song “Heart” while grasping dearly onto the purest and most innocent part of myself, so when I hear the song, I feel good.

– IU

Listening to her fans singing her song makes IU extremely happy because reminded of all the positive thoughts in her life while she was composing her songs.

So if you’re an IU fan who’s a bit hesitant about singing in her concerts, don’t be. According to IU, when her fans sing her songs, especially her song “Heart”, all in one voice…

…it’s moving every time for her. Time for you to practice singing her songs, then!

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