IU Confesses She’s Single And Lonely

It’s not easy at times to be with couples when you’re single, but for whatever reason, IU got herself in the middle of one. 

A little photo session got a bit awkward for IU when she was squashed between two couples while filming for Hyori’s Homestay. 

In the recent episode, a newlywed couple stayed with Hyori and IU and decided to take a commemorative photo on their last day. 

The couple took a photo with the rest of the staff and when it came to IU, Hyori jokingly asked her to sit in the middle. 

Instead of smiling brightly, IU posed with a pout and slightly sour expression while the two couples formed hearts with each other. 

And her expressions were uncanny! In fact, her sulky attitude brought a lot of a laughter on set. 

IU, who had just broken up with her former boyfriend after dating for three years, also spoke about the loneliness of being single. 

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Especially when she’s surrounded by friends who were in relationships. 

Ever since she’s joined Hyori’s Homestay, IU received a lot of positive comments for being a relatable person. 

This episode was certainly one of them! 

Source: Insight