IU’s Confidence Shined When Asked To Choose Between Her Composing And Writing Ability

Her reason for choosing one over the other proves how important her music is to her!

IU‘s talent as a singer-songwriter is undeniable, and even she knows it!

Korean musician IU. | @dlwlrma/Instagram

On the set of her music video for “Strawberry Moon,” one of IU’s camera directors started asking her some this-or-that questions like choosing between being unable to brush her teeth for a week vs being unable to wash her hair. (She picked being unable to wash her hair, by the way.)

| IU Official/YouTube

But when IU was asked, “Composing ability VS writing ability,” IU hesitated for just a second before confidently saying she has both!

But I’m already… I have both already.

— IU

| IU Official/YouTube 

However, IU eventually did choose between the two skills; she said she would rather have the ability to write, and she had a deep reason for choosing it over composing.

I’m a talkative person so I need to express it in words. The things in my head need to expressed precisely in a sentence to feel satisfied. But I don’t need to take out the melodies floating around in my head abstractly. But I need the abstract ideas on the cutting board and to express it in words.

— IU

“I’d feel suffocated if I can’t do that.” | IU Official/YouTube 

According to IU, while she can handle having a bunch of melodies in her head, she would feel “suffocated” if she weren’t able to express her abstract thoughts! This just proves how thoughtful of an artist IU is and how much her music means to her. Check out the full video below for some more behind-the-scenes from the “Strawberry Moon” music video!

Source: YouTube and Instagram