IU Confesses She’s Been Dieting for a Month

Fans are surprised.

Actress Yoo In Na and actor Kang Ha Neul recently spoke on MBC’s Funding Together where Yoo In Na gave her bestie, IU a call live on air.

When Yoo In Na asked where she was, IU replied, “I’m home. It’s been a month since I started dieting, so I ate sweet potato, apple, almond, cheese, and some beef.

Yoo In Na exclaimed, “How could you diet without me? You should have told me” to which IU responded, “I’ve been watching you on broadcast, and you look really pretty these days.

Kang Ha Neul then read a viewer’s comment, “Why would you go on a diet?

In response, IU explained, “I ate a lot after my broadcast. Since I have an 11th debut anniversary fan meeting the day after tomorrow, I went into an emergency diet.

Fans who heard this responded with comments such as “Is there even any weight left to lose?“, “Even IU is on a diet…“, and, “I think she should gain some weight instead“.

Source: Dispatch