IU displays her toned body with a crop top

IU reveals her fit body in a behind the scenes photoshoot with a crop top by Calvin Klein. 

On the 28th of April, IU uploaded a new video on her YouTube account titled “‘Palette’ Album Making #1“. The video took viewers behind the scenes as she went through various stages in her album. She showed how the photoshoots went and how the music videos were filmed.

In one of the stages, IU showed how the photoshoots for her album happened and viewers were treated to IU with a crop top.

She wore a Calvin Klein crop top, pajama pants and a bathrobe to look highly casual even though it was a photo shoot.


The photoshoot showed that IU is definitely past her cute, innocent stage. Although her appearance may still show a youthful glow, IU is now into the more mature themes. 

Watch the full video below: