Here’s Why IU Began Donating To Charity

It was part of her mother’s dream.

IU, who recently donated 100M KRW to the victims of the Sokcho wildfire, previously revealed why she began donating to charity.

On an episode of KBS2’s Joy of Conversation which was aired last October, IU revealed that it was always her mother’s dream to run an orphanage.

Since I was little, my mother used to always say it was her dream to run an orphanage.

ㅡ IU


She explained that when she was younger, she disliked this dream of her mother’s because she wanted all the attention to herself.

When I was young, I kind of disliked this. I wanted to receive all the love and I didn’t like how (my mother) only thought of others.

ㅡ IU


As she got older, however, IU began to grow proud of her mother’s kind heart towards those in difficult situations and stated that her mother still continues to work hard to achieve her dream.

She is still working very hard to achieve her dream.

ㅡ IU


She also revealed that despite her success, her mother does not lay a hand on IU’s income and continues to run a small wholesale shop in Namdaemun Market selling accessories.

My mother doesn’t lay a hand on the my earnings.

ㅡ IU


May it be due to the humbleness of her mother, IU has also continued to give donations and volunteer to help those in need.

IU privately participated in volunteer work with her mother since 2011 and it was only revealed later when a few people affiliated with orphanages shared the news.

A celebrity came to our organization today, IU. I woke up and went to see even though I didn’t work today. IU left necklaces as gifts…thank you!

ㅡ Netizen


Netizens have been praising IU for her kind and generous heart.

  • “It’s not easy to give to charity even if you’re a successful celebrity.”
  • “IU is amazing.”
Source: Dispatch