IU And EXO’s Kai Wore The Same Gucci Suit But Served Different Vibes

This 90s suit was popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow!

IU and EXO‘s Kai both appear in the November issue ELLE KOREA and wowed fans with their Balenciaga and Gucci looks! They wore designs that drew inspiration from each brand’s rich history, from monograms to equestrian fashion.

Kai from EXO in Gucci’s “Aria” collection. | ELLE KOREA
IU in Gucci’s “Aria” collection. | ELLE KOREA

While they both had unique looks for the magazine, they actually wore the same velvet red suit inspired by Tom Ford‘s own design for Gucci back in the 1990s. The red suit and powder blue shirt combo has become one of his most recognizable designs for the brand.

Tom Ford’s original 1996 design. | Vogue

And it was made even more popular when American actress Gwyneth Paltrow wore it to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1996!

Gwyneth Paltrow at the 1996 MTV VMAs. | Vogue

Alessandro Michele, the creative director for Gucci, added some twists to the classic design: leather harnesses as a reference to the Gucci horsebit embellishment and chains to add an edge to the look.

Alessandro Michele’s reinterpretation for Gucci’s “Aria” collection. | Vogue

Kai wore Michele’s take on Tom Ford’s 90s design! While still wearing the sleek red suit and blue shirt, Kai has a leather harness that wraps around his neck. He also wore a dangling earring that adds some femininity and matches the silver buckle of the harness!


IU wore the same suit but stayed loyal to Tom Ford’s original styling of the outfit. She doesn’t have any leather harnesses, though she is wearing a silver necklace. Her pants are also much higher-waisted than Kai’s were, emphasizing her long legs.


Though they wore the same suit, the styling makes a huge difference! They both aced this modern twist on a Gucci staple. Check out another time IU wore the same item as another idol and served a different vibe below!

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Source: ELLE KOREA and Vogue

Same Fit, Different Vibes