IU Explained Why It Took Her 12 Whole Years to Get Her Dream Microphone

IU got a new custom mic, and she had to brag about it.

When IU held her 2019 IU Tour Concert Love, Poem in Gwangju, she took quite a bit of time bragging about her brand new microphone.

Between performances, IU announced that she got a new custom microphone in glossy black.

She then went on to explain why it’s so special and why it took 12 years to get her dream microphone.

My dream has always been to get a black glossy microphone. It has always been my dream, but every time I went to get one, I always thought a bit of color would be nice.

— IU

IU also added that this was her 10th microphone and that she wanted to get it after becoming more stable and having a sizable microphone collection already.

She continued to joke that this is an impressive accomplishment and that she’s proud of it.

You need to get rid of your materialistic ways to make this decision. It doesn’t look like you’re very impressed, but ask all the other singers. This was a very impressive decision.

— IU

Ahead of this new purchase, IU has always been known for her colorful custom microphones.

Check out the full clip below:


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