Korean Fanboy Reacts To IU’s New “BBIBBI” Music Video

He fell in love with IU all over again.

In the latest episode of Koreans React, Koreaboo Studios brought an IU fan in to react to IU‘s new “BBIBBI” music video, and this is what he had to say about it.


Chemi has been a huge fan of IU since high school, so when he heard she was finally having a comeback, he couldn’t wait to see it.


In fact, Chemi was so excited that he had to pause the video as soon as it began, to get his fanboy feels (somewhat) under control!


Chemi danced along to “BBIBBI’s” catchy beat…


…squeed over IU’s aegyo…


…and gushed about the video’s beautiful aesthetics.


To see more of this fanboy’s reaction, check out the video here.