IU Questions Why Her Number of Fans Rapidly Shot up 11 Years After Her Debut

IU is thoroughly confused.

IU recently uploaded a YouTube video where she expressed her surprise of surpassing 30,000 members in her official fan club.

IU was in awe as she revealed that the number rapidly increased from 18,000 to 30,000 in just a year.

She then started to doubt, “Why am I so popular now? Why did everyone sign up as a member?

IU made viewers laugh by questioning, “What’s everyone trying to do behind my back? Where did the 10,000 people come from? Why did they show up 11 years after my debut?

When a staff member added, “We need to hold concerts in bigger places now“, IU joked, “What do we do? All the big venues are over for this year.

Check out IU’s hilarious reaction below:

Source: Dispatch