IU Fell In Love With This Rookie And Did Something She’s Never Done Before


Since her debut 10 years ago, IU’s proven time and time again that she’s more than just a vocalist, but a true singer-songwriter with one of K Pop’s most original voices.

Which is why it came as no surprise when she won both the Best Song Writer Award and the Best Album of the Year at Melon Music Award 2017.

Now, imagine that you are an emerging artist and that very same IU just wrote the lyrics to your single.

When you can stop jumping around with joy, now imagine what it’d be like if she went onto personally express her admiration for your music and voice!

This dream-like scenario came true for Cherry B!

IU stated during her Best Song Writer Award acceptance speech that she’s written the lyrics to Cherry B’s “Her”.

Then IU went onto talk about what it was like to write lyrics to another artist’s song on her Instagram.

“I really enjoy writing lyrics but I always felt cautious about writing the lyrics to another artist’s song.

Then when I heard an English guide version of the song when I visited Lee Jong Hoon composer’s studio, and fell in love with the song and the vocalist’s song, I decided to write the lyrics for another artist.”

— IU 

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She also went to talk about how much she admires Cherry’s B.

“Cherry B’s young and, this being her debut single, lacks experience but, after working over each line, she managed to make the song her own. Thank you! You sing really well 🙂 It’s been a long time since I fell in love with a voice at first listen. I loved working with you and I’ll always support you.”

— IU

Cherry B must have been thrilled to get this much love from such an established artist.

And the news goes to show how much influence IU’s garnered since her debut, and it’s great to see how she gets to support an emerging artist of her choice!

Source: Insight