IU Forgot Her Lyrics Mid-Performance, What She Did Next Had Fans Screaming

IU’s reaction proves why she’s so lovable!

IU forgot her lyrics during a performance of “Palette” and her cute reaction had fans screaming.

She performed at the 2018 Iseul Rave Festival in Gyeonggi Province on May 12 alongside artists like B1A4, EXID, and Baek Ji Young.


During an acoustic version of her hit song, she paused and tilted her head to the side with a perfectly matched hand gesture.


It was only a moment before she continued on with the lyrics she could remember, laughing a bit and smiling at her mistake!


Fans can’t believe how cute she was and are blaming the timing of the acoustic version for her confusion.

  • “Wahhhh I’m dying… her cuteness!”
  • “Yes she really did forget the lyrics. The version of the song was misleading. She got confused because of the timing.”
  • “Why is she so cute.”
  • “So cute!”
  • “Omo how can she tilt her head like that and be so cuteee?”
  • “IU can do no wrong.”


She really handled it amazingly, not missing another beat!

IU’s performance had an intimate feel and fans loved how comfortable she was with them – and her small mistake!

Source: Dispatch