IU Buys Fan Who’s Training To Be A Singer $3000 Mic

This aspiring singer not only got a visit from her favourite artist, IU but also received special items to help her. 

Recently, it was reported that IU visited a special fan Yu Rim in an episode of Dingo Studio’s You Did Well Today. The episode featured IU secretly visiting Yu Rim, an aspiring musician, and continued to bond over their music.

Talk about lucky: She got advice and presents from her favourite artist.

IU also shared professional advice to the young singer that was losing confidence to continue her efforts as an artist. She even gave Yu Rim a professional microphone worth at least 3 million KRW.

A prepaid transportation card was also included to help the aspiring artist alongside a special message from IU herself.

“Even if it seems that life is tiring you will find that in your life there are certain days that feel like a gift. Stay strong and let’s meet again. It was truly nice to meet you. Fighting Yoorim!”

– IU

Source:  Instiz