How IU Unintentionally Helped A Male Idol Get Better Treatment During His Military Service

IU was happy to help a singer she admired.

Many male idols have talked about watching girl groups perform during their military service, gaining strength from them. One idol had a much different experience thanks to singer IU.


One of the members of IU’s favorite boy group god (formerly known as g.o.d) ended up receiving better treatment from his fellow soldiers.


On IU’s Palette, Kim Tae Woo revealed that he first saw IU during his military service in 2008 and remembered the signature beret she wore back then.

Kim Tae Woo remembered hearing IU’s words of being inspired by god to become a singer. He said, “You wore something like a beret and said you liked god, and that you wanted to be a singer because of us.

Because Kim Tae Woo saw IU’s interview with his fellow soldiers, they realized he was an important celebrity and immediately treated him better than before.

The seniors at the military were with me and they said, ‘So you are a celebrity!’ So after that, I remember people got much nicer to me in the military.

— Kim Tae Woo

Without IU knowing, she helped the soldiers recognize the legends that god are and treat them more politely. See her reaction to Kim Tae Woo’s story.


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